Opening paragraph from a draft of a novel I’m working on

I have a draft of a novel that I’m now reworking, editing, rewriting, cutting down, etc. I’m not happy with much of it yet, but there are a few paragraphs sprinkled in here and there that I’m decently pleased with and will be left as is in the final draft. Here is the opening paragraph. More to come…

Excerpt from If it wasn’t for the River [working title]

We have lost our parents’ squeamishness. A little mold on the cheese, the milk’s gone slightly rancid, but the swill coffee here is too awful to be taken straight black, and so we make do. Don’t wash; don’t need to. A wine stain on the upholstery. Coffee spills and who knows what else on the carpet. Use the dirty cup from the night before, no need to wash it or get a new one. A little semen between friends. Eat the stale doughnut off the counter with my hands grimy with dirty bike grease. I make a face at the coffee, but the milk’s OK, I think. It just smells a little like the suspiciously soft brie I scraped a little spore covered blue spot off of, but I ate that too. Fuck it. I’m hungry.

Coffee and weed. one hitter. bic lighter. black coffee on countertop.
Morning Coffee Rituals play an outsized role in this narrative

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